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With ultrasound, we can make diagnoses during the first visit, and thanks to the images, we can distinguish between a healthy muscle fiber and a muscle tear, strains, inflamed area, or other musculoskeletal pathology. This allows us to provide appropriate treatment from the very beginning. Like this, we save time as we do not have to make a referral to an orthopedic specialist, and we can start the treatment from day one.

Ultrasound is a harmless and painless technique. It involves applying a conductive gel to the patient’s skin and placing the probe on top, which transmits the images to the ultrasound machine. The healthcare professional interprets these images and determines the best course of treatment.

Ecografía Musculo Esquelética | Diagnóstico y Tratamiento

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Insurance Companies

We are a private center and do not work directly with insurance companies. However, there are many insurance companies who reimburse 80%-90% of the threatment. This applies if you have an insurance with a free-choice to which center you can choose, or an insurance with a reimbursement policy. If you have any doubts, we recommend contacting your insurance company. Some insurance companies that offer reimbursements include:

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