At our center, we believe that nutrition is fundamental for proper recovery and optimal performance. We trust that a good daily activation is achieved through the sleep-training-nutrition triangle.




We might know where we can improve our nutrition, but often lack the time to change our routine and struggle to create new habits on our own.

Every week, we find ourselves buying the same products at the supermarket.

"We are what we eat"

Do you really know what nutrients you need and their quantities? Do you feel lacking in energy during training, or that the food you eat is not yielding the expected results?

At FARR, we can help you. We aim to enhance your performance and promote a healthy balance.

We guide you to improve your athletic performance, lose weight, teach you how to vary your diet, go shopping, and much more.

Nutrición Deportiva Personalizada | Mejora tu Rendimiento

Assessment, Planning, and Monitoring Process

What is a consultation with our nutritionist like?

Nutrición Deportiva Personalizada | Mejora tu Rendimiento

1. Initial evaluation

The initial evaluation is crucial for defining objectives and designing a more suitable plan for each client. Four key aspects are explored to improve health and performance:

  • Medical history: analyzing health aspects that may need improvement or support through nutrition or supplementation. Biochemical analysis, stress tests, allergies, intolerances, pathologies, injuries, etc., are reviewed.
  • Nutritional habits: preferences, routines, usual places of grocery shopping to adjust the daily plan, special diets, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
  • Athletic history: reviewing the sports calendar, training volume, and key competitions to plan the season.
  • Anthropometric analysis: interpreting how our weight is distributed in different body tissues: bone, muscle, and adipose. This way, we can assess our health and performance by comparing it with athletes in each specific sports discipline.

2. Plan delivery

The plan delivery session is the most important for understanding the plan, knowing what will be done and why. This way, doubts are resolved, and proper compliance is ensured to achieve the objectives.

Nutrición Deportiva Personalizada | Mejora tu Rendimiento
Nutrición Deportiva Personalizada | Mejora tu Rendimiento

3. Monitoring and updates

Periodic follow-ups aim to readjust the plan based on progress, changes in body composition, or the sports calendar.

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