What does it involve?

Magnetotherapy is a technique that uses magnetic fields to restore cellular biochemical balance. The technique is not painful and is aimed at injuries in hard tissues such as bones, fractures, osteoarthritis, bone edema, postoperative prostheses, osteoporosis, arthritis. It is also used in soft tissues to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

Rental price: 8€/day

Magnetoterapia: Equilibrio Celular y Alivio del Dolor | FARR

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We are a private center and do not work directly with insurance companies. However, there are many insurance companies who reimburse 80%-90% of the threatment. This applies if you have an insurance with a free-choice to which center you can choose, or an insurance with a reimbursement policy. If you have any doubts, we recommend contacting your insurance company. Some insurance companies that offer reimbursements include:

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