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The key to recovery is physical exercise

Our philosophy at FARR is that the best treatment is prevention, and for the recovery of an injury it is physical exercise. In our center, physiotherapists and personal trainers work together to achieve the best possible result. Alongside our nutritionist, we strive for optimal performance for our clients.

We can classify FARR clients into two categories: athletes with a sports goal and clients who need to recover from their conditions to perform their daily activities.

At FARR, we work with three determinants to plan the recovery of a condition:




Based on our assessment of the patient, we adapt these parameters to take the patient to the next level. At FARR, your goal is our goal, whether it is helping you prepare for a marathon or enabling you to perform daily activities without pain and with optimal mobility.


Co-founder of FARR

Daniel Pop

Degree in Physiotherapy in the Netherlands (I am Dutch).
Master’s degree in High-Performance Physiotherapy and Physical Activity Rehabilitation.
Postgraduate Expert in Invasive Physiotherapy and Ultrasound.

I am a runner and am specialized in the treatment of running-related pathologies.
The foundation of a good recovery is built through physical exercise.

Co-founder of FARR

Diana Abellán

Graduated in Physiotherapy, specialized in aquatic sports.
Master’s degree in Osteopathy.
Postgraduate degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Physical Activity.
Postgraduate Expert in Invasive Physiotherapy and Ultrasound.
Specialized in pelvic floor, obstetric physiotherapy-pregnancy and childbirth.
Hypopressive technique.

As a philosophy, prevention is the cornerstone of treatment for me, and I emphasize the importance of the pelvic floor in improving athletic performance.

Beñat Bengoetxea

I’m a physiotherapist specialized in hospital physiotherapy, functional pain neuromodulation, and invasive physiotherapy. I also study psychology, which makes me a fan of the mind-body complex.

I’m a big sports fan and love body movement. I am here to provide a comfortable and safe space for individuals to free themselves from pain and facilitate the recovery . The most important thing for me is to help the PERSON.

Patricia Caudet

Graduated in Sports Science.

Professional Master’s degree in High Performance in Team Sports.

Master’s degree in Physical Activity and Health.

Currently, I specialize in injury rehabilitation and serve as a sports conditioning coach for athletes.

Marc Gómez

Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics with a focus on physical conditioning and training.
Speaker at international conferences, university collaborator, consultant for sports clubs, and ISAK anthropometrist.
Specialized in optimizing body composition and improving health and physical performance.
Treatment of clinical conditions such as overweight/obesity, intolerances, allergies, and vegan meal planning.

Miguel Sánchez

Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Salamanca.
Expert in Functional Ultrasound Evaluation and Guided Invasive Physiotherapy.

In each session, you will gain new tools to improve your condition and overall physical well-being. A person feels as young as their ability to move.

The active work I do to address spinal issues is based on the method  of pilates.

Maria Alsina Esquena

Graduated in Physiotherapy with a specialization in 4th-year Specific Sports Physiotherapy. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Expert degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

I am passionate about physiotherapy, dance, and sports. I competed in figure skating for FCB (Football Club Barcelona) and currently continue my training as an active classical and contemporary dancer.

My interventions aim to maintain a balance between three pillars: mobility, stability, and strength.


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