At FARR, we are specialized in sports physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation. However, we treat all types of body-related conditions. We are a private center and aim to provide the best individualized treatment for each patient.

What to expect during a physiotherapy consultation:

Fisioterapia Deportiva y Readaptación de lesiones en FARR

1. First, a comprehensive patient history is taken, including clinical history and background information. We delve into their concerns and expectations. After that a physical examination is conducted, and if needed we use an ultrasound to assist to get a better diagnose.

After identifying the patient’s injury, we proceed with the treatment. In the acute or chronic phase, the primary goal is to reduce pain and improve the patient’s mobility. Our main objective is to help the patient resume their daily activities as soon as possible. During this phase, we use various tools to achieve the best results. Two interventions that yield excellent outcomes are neuromodulation and diathermy treatments, particularly “Indiba,” which provides pain relief from the first session. This will allows us to begin the exercise phase as early as possible.

Fisioterapia Deportiva y Readaptación de lesiones en FARR
Fisioterapia Deportiva y Readaptación de lesiones en FARR

3. In the third phase, we initiate the recovery plan in the gym. From day one, we ensure that exercises are tailored to the patient’s level. As mentioned before, at FARR, long-term recovery is achieved through physical exercise. We adapt the workload to facilitate tendon and muscle recovery. Each patient is individually assessed, and a recovery plan is created based on volume, frequency, and intensity to ensure optimal loading and facilitate the patient’s return to sports or daily activities as soon as possible.

We use various tools to achieve the best results and continually update our knowledge to stay up-to-date with new technology.


Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization


Dry needling




Punción seca



Fibrólisis diacutánea

Private Center

Insurance Companies

We are a private center and do not work directly with insurance companies. However, there are many insurance companies who reimburse 80%-90% of the threatment. This applies if you have an insurance with a free-choice to which center you can choose, or an insurance with a reimbursement policy. If you have any doubts, we recommend contacting your insurance company. Some insurance companies that offer reimbursements include:

Price List for Physiotherapy

Rates and Packages

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